Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things Are Starting to Fall in Place...Hopefully

A long over due post!

The past week or so has been jammed packed of working my darn tail off! I call potential bakery spaces, call, call, call and then call some more. Lets be honest... it has been a loooooooooooong discouraging road.... BUT I am checking out a place tomorrow that sounds like it could be an answer to prayer! So everyone, you know what that means... one BIG step closer to finally opening!

My website is coming along AMAZING!!! If you ever need anything to do with websites, photography, logos, etc... you must talk to Becka... the owner of Pill Designs! She is fabulous!

Michael and I have also made another BIG, AWESOME, EXCITING decision! We are moving to Keller!!! We are absolutely thrilled to be coming back to the Metroplex and be even closer to opening the bakery!! WAHOO!!!!

Other amazing news... my best Leasha is officially a mom!!! I am so excited to go meet little Miss Londyn tomorrow... and I have a little surprise! Hehe soooo cute!

Hopefully my next update will be that I found the spot Legacy Cakes will be!!

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