Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things Are Starting to Fall in Place...Hopefully

A long over due post!

The past week or so has been jammed packed of working my darn tail off! I call potential bakery spaces, call, call, call and then call some more. Lets be honest... it has been a loooooooooooong discouraging road.... BUT I am checking out a place tomorrow that sounds like it could be an answer to prayer! So everyone, you know what that means... one BIG step closer to finally opening!

My website is coming along AMAZING!!! If you ever need anything to do with websites, photography, logos, etc... you must talk to Becka... the owner of Pill Designs! She is fabulous!

Michael and I have also made another BIG, AWESOME, EXCITING decision! We are moving to Keller!!! We are absolutely thrilled to be coming back to the Metroplex and be even closer to opening the bakery!! WAHOO!!!!

Other amazing news... my best Leasha is officially a mom!!! I am so excited to go meet little Miss Londyn tomorrow... and I have a little surprise! Hehe soooo cute!

Hopefully my next update will be that I found the spot Legacy Cakes will be!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life is Becoming a Blur...

Quick update... no such thing... there is just too much!!!

I am now the proud owner of bakery equipment! I still need a couple basics... but nothing to sweat over! So whew! God has truly been blessing this entire gigantic change... which if you know me... change is not my favorite thing!

Michael and I have been searching hi and low, and all around for houses! Let me tell you... it is totally exciting and completely terrifying all at the same time! It is just like Goldie Locks for us... is it too big, too small or just right?? We like a lot... love?? We don't know that yet.

Lets talk a little more about cakes! Legacy Cakes is sooo excited to start taking orders! If you know anyone that is wanting to celebrate a special event (wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, showers, etc) Send them our way! We want to celebrate with you! The holiday season is coming up... and you know what that means... its time to EAT!

Be looking for some special holiday treats coming to you!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogging Rookie

October 6th....oh goodness....the day my blogging career begins.

My name is Megan Rountree. I am passionate about several things (see About Me).... but lets elaborate on one specifically....SWEETS!

I love creating new recipes, coming up with new designs for even the smallest treats and seeing eyes light up when they try one of my creations.

My newest project/challenge...open up my very own shop! I am hoping to have this finished by December 1st. I want to focus on Special Occassion cakes, but at the same time not neglect the everyday pleasures baking brings you (cupcakes, pies, cookies, brownies...oh my!)

My challenge is starting with the hunt for equipment! And goodness gracious is this a challenge. Mixers, Ovens, Fridges, Freezers, Tables... just to name a few. Let me tell you...its like be a kid in a verrrrrry expensive candy shop.

I am very lucky to have an amazing family that is also passionate about my bakery.... I think it might be for some free goodies :)

I will keep you all posted on the craziness that is about to begin....Stay Tuned!