Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pass Go! Collect 200 Dollars!

Well if you haven't seen this weeks episode of NEXT GREAT BAKER... stop here! I won't spoil it!

But for those of you that have, needless to say it was exciting! I REALLY enjoyed this team project! Working with Jay and Dana was like working with my two best friends from childhood! We had a blast.

Obviously, time got the best of me on my spell check... ARGH!

We did have quite the challenge as far as the dadgum door. It was HYSTERICAL. I definitely had the giggles after the challenge was complete.

As far as Legacy Cakes is concerned.... OHHHH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO excited! The floors are down, the walls are being painted... cabinets are in... Its ALMOST DONE!!!! Can you believe it??? I think we have set a world record! Haha!

I know I have been saying watch for pictures.. but I am almost tempted to have a big reveal!!! Thoughts??? Lets take a vote :)

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  1. Am I seriously the first person to comment on here? Wow. I just left you a lengthy text on your fb site, lol. Yes, great job with being a team leader and working well with others, and always (seemingly) with a smile on your face. That certainly helps to instill confidence in others, especially if they're having to place trust in you.

    I look forward to those elusive completed photos!