Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Superbowl and Valentines Day Updates!

Legacy Cakes is VERY excited to be offering some AMAZING Superbowl goodies... and of course VALENTINES DAY! Be sure to place your order quickly! We are thrilled to have some great selections! We will be celebrating Valentines Day with everyone by being open... so you can pick up something sweet for your sweetie! :)


  1. Hello Megan, I just caught up on my TLC recordings and saw the last episode of Next Great Baker. I was convinced you were going to be the big winner! I want you to know that I was really impressed that a young woman like yourself could hold your own with those other bakers. You always stayed professional and positive and looked fantastic while doing it. I have NEVER written to a "TV person" before but I wanted to see what you were up to since the show ended. Looks like you're doing GREAT! Wish I lived closer to try some of your delicious looking goodies. Best of Luck!

  2. Megan, I can honestly say as a southern Christian woman, You are a great inspiration to others and myself! I plan to open a home bakery here in MS within the next month, and I must say, thank you for representing the south in such a graceful way :D I will for sure make a visit to your bakery if I ever hit the Dallas-Fort Worth Area!! Seeing you on the show helped me to realize even though I am very young still, if I can see the potential in myself, others will see it too!! I hope you would take a look at my blog and follow my experience to opening my own bakery and following my dreams as a baker as my family and I have been able to follow yours. Congrats!!